Technical advice and support

Do you need help with an invasive species problem?

We can:
  • Help you complete your project by adapting the PII Project Process to your needs.
  • Assist you at any stage of your project, from preparation of proposals and feasibility studies through to detailed planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.
  • Review your project documents or your projects.
  • Mentor you to strengthen your capacity using face-to-face meetings at your place of work or ours, skype, telephone or email.
  • Help widen your networks. We can link you with any specialist that you may require. We have an extensive network of partner organisations in New Zealand and around the world who are specialists in invasive species management. 

Formal and On-the-job Training

Do you want to train your team?
  • We offer three formal training courses. These courses are available on request and can be held either in your country or in New Zealand. Each course can be adapted to your needs.
  1. How to Eradicate Rodents & Cats on Islands
  2. Invasive Plant Management
  3. Island Biosecurity
  • We also offer tailor made on-the-job training/secondments to work with, and learn from, relevant organisation and specialists.

Best Practice Resources

We can provide best practice resources for invasive species management and up-to-date information on invasive species and their management.

Best Practice Resources.

About Us

PII is a leading provider of technical support and capacity development for invasive species management in the Pacific.

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