3. Project Design

What is Project Design?

In the Project Design Stage the Project Manager details how the project will be managed and governed. The Project Plan is targeted at funders, management and Project Managers. It is used in all later Stages to manage the project.

Project Design differs from the Operational Planning Stage in that you are thinking at a higher level about managing the project. For example:

  • How will decisions be made and who has the authority?
  • If the Implementation Phase must happen in August, then when does the money have to be secured to start the project?
  • What staff training is required and when?


Why Prepare a Project Plan?

The Project Plan gives the big picture of all the components of the project that need to be managed to make it successful. The Project Plan is also where the project is costed.

The benefits of a Project Plan:

  • A management framework is put in place to support the successful planning and implementation of the eradication operation.
  • The Project Plan:
    • helps to identify the full costs and realistic timeframes for doing the project
    • can be used to support funding applications


Who Should Be Involved?

Project Manager: Prepares the Project Plan, using Subject Matter Expert input where required.

Subject Matter Experts: Provides input across all areas (e.g. technical, cultural and political).

Independent Technical Advisor: Provides technical advice and reviews the Project Plan.

Stakeholders: Consulted during the planning process and notified of final plan.